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Restaurant Management Software

Restaurant operators require easy, fast access to actionable information that helps them manage costs and make smart business decisions.

Measure, control and reduce food costs by highlighting spending variances. The restaurant inventory management software also supports contract pricing and streamlines communication with suppliers.

The software is a total integrated Restaurant Management System designed and developed on and powered by Oracle Technology to act as a management information tool for sales, food costing, recipe preparation and inventory control for any type of restaurants, fast food outlets, café's, clubs and hospitality outlets.

Our Software can help restaurant operators around the world manage their inventory and optimize their profits. This easy to use software will help you detail not only all of your food and beverage costs but also allows you to enter purchases, orders and even catering events. Know all you inventory usages and margins instantly!

Features : Restaurant Management

  • Food Recipe Costing
  • Determine the optimum selling price on every item on your menu by setting your desired cost percentage.
  • Manage your inventory in a fraction of the time.
  • Assign multiple storage locations and different inventory count units for more accurate stock counting.
  • Update stock levels, price changes and recipe costs.
  • Work confidently as invoice will not save unless the invoice total is balanced.
  • Plan and cost out a event with the easy to use Catering Wizard.
  • Calculate the cost of an event based on your Selling price, cover price or cost percentage.

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